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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
No news= good news

Not a lot to report today- sprinted for 4 hours. We are starting to experience some of the joys of being in a teaching hospital. For the most part it is good- you know that the doctors are going to be coming around twice a day- and that is doctors plural. Although it is a bit of an experience to listen to rounds being led by a scotsman and other docs being indian. Bad part is that unless they are a fellow or attending, you have take what they say with a grain of salt. Example- NP today said something about the possibility of surgery for colon repair in 8 weeks- we originally told that we needed to wait until he was much bigger before they would go back & assess the damage and hopefully it will have repaired itself. Turns out a resident and fellow were discussing the case- not sure if they were medical or surgical types though. Positive side to being at a children's hospital is that there is a greater number of docs- one of the problems with the other hospital was there was only one neonatalogist on call at one time- so it was very hard to talk to him outside of the NICU. Here we have a question and someone will come and talk to you. I did join a preemie's list over at yahoo groups. It is a mixture of sadness and joy- but it helps to see parents dealing with their toddler who was a preemie. It is also good for us to have positive support since people who have never gone through it don't know how rough it can be.

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