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The ups and downs of having a premie kid (who is sooooo gonna be grounded in a few years... what am I saying, the kid already is... no leaving the nicu for him)
Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Quick update

Up to 16lbs 4oz.
23" long
17 1/4" head

He is below the 5th percentile length wise for actual age and between the 10th and 25th percentile for weight.

We did qualify for Early Intervention service- PT and OT.  We should be hearing in the next few weeks from the service provider. 

We finally finished his room- a bit behind but we finally got it done.  In a fishy/ Finding Nemo theme.  Now waiting for Ash's grandmother and 2 nieces to come into town (we are picking them up from the airport later).  Hopefully we won't find any of the nieces underwear in the freezer (they got into a fight type thing while in TX... the younger one soaked her older sister's underwear in water and put it in the freezer)

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Blogger Carolyn commented:

Glad to hear an update - I'd been checking in for a while! Congrats on finishing the baby's room! Adriana just got her own bedroom this weekend and we're not even close to finished, but it's nice to know we can close the door on her at night so she can sleep.

» 7/05/2006 02:29:00 PM 

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