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The ups and downs of having a premie kid (who is sooooo gonna be grounded in a few years... what am I saying, the kid already is... no leaving the nicu for him)
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Various check ups

Eye doctor was in today doing the weird medieval tortures they do on premies in the NICU... So far his eyes are looking good- no damage from the oxygen. Doctor will be back in two weeks to check his eyes again. Of course with his family history, Tristan will be needing glasses at some point. With any luck he will be a bit older then his grandmother Nancy who had them at age 2. No news back from the brain scan... but as the nurses told us at sisters, they would have noticed something major on it before sending it out to be read. As the photos below show (and I apologize to all dial-up users out there), Ash got to hold and feed him today. Tristan did OK on the feedings- he eats really fast though, and he hasn't quite figured out the whole sucking and breathing thing yet, and he had a bit of spit up... but that is all within the whole weird realm of "normal" in the NICU.

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