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The ups and downs of having a premie kid (who is sooooo gonna be grounded in a few years... what am I saying, the kid already is... no leaving the nicu for him)
Saturday, July 29, 2006
Lax on updates

Things have been a bit hectic around here lately- so here are updates in a nutshell:

  • We finally got T baptised
  • PT and OT through Early Intervention has started.  He is a bit delayed even taking into account adjusted age- but hopefully with help he will catch up soon.  It is early yet, but I am hopeful that since we've started the services as early as we did, that delays will be minimal- of course, I don't know what the future will hold and that is scary.
  • We started T on food!  (cheers all around!).  He's doing pretty good with the rice cereal- he's not too sure about the squash though.  I can't really blame him since I'm not the biggest fan of squash either.

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