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Monday, January 30, 2006
A funny for a Monday morning.

This morning Tristan's nurse came in to check on him- well he was naked and grinning away. Apparently his hip splint became attached to the blanket. Tristan managed to not only wiggle out of the split, but his diaper as well. Oh, and he pulled the nasal candela out of his nose and had in his mouth. Needless to say, Sue had a bit of a clean up on her hands- his diaper was wet (normal for babies) but he also had peed during his attempts at freedom- so the blankets and all were a bit damp. Plus side to having the stoma bag- there was no poop for Sue to deal with. He did have a couple brady/ apnea's during the night, so they took a few cultures (thinking that the MRSA might be behind it). He's back on IV antibiotics for that, but we won't know the results until Wednesday.

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