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Friday, February 03, 2006
eating and sleeping

Tristan is up to being bottle fed every feed! Not sure how well he's taking to the breastfeeding. Half the time he spends more time chewing and gnawing at the nipple then actually sucking... oh and he tends to get too comfy and falls asleep. We did a test yesterday and he did weigh more after the feeding then before it... so obviously he did get something. Tristan's sleeping situation has also changed- he is still in isolation, but was moved from the isolette to a crib. Hopefully he can keep his temp up so he can stay in it. On a side note, everytime I go into the NICU I'm reminded of the fragility of life in there. Yesterday was no exception. The baby in the other isolation room has a lot of health problems. All I knew was I got there yesterday and there were three nurses in there. As I was changing Tristan's diaper I noticed the attending and a resident going in. I went to close the door (breastfeeding is good excuse) and one of the nurses said something along the lines of "You've been here long enough to know ". I used the excuse of not wanting to show my breasts to the world as to why I was closing the door. I did not want to know what was going on in the other room. Obviously something was really wrong and did not want to be witness to it.

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